Thursday, December 20, 2007

de decrepit soul

...... well nobody knows wat life holds for us.... i knew i had to make decisions fast and dat de crossroad was imminent,loomin and visible...... de tension was mountin and i felt de pressure upon me ... i knew it was time to act and to keep up my goals... i felt as if billions of eyes were on me and i was de scrutiny of dere incisive looks.... well it was upon me .. de period ... april to june 2006 .. it was horrible terrifyin and strenous... de hooded exam caper was on all of us and i was one of its victims... i took each one of dem blow by blow wastin my sweat as droplets of ink dose few precious droplets of silver chloride wil decide my destiny.... de physical and mental soul was tarnished and became decrepit after de whole process... it was time to rest and heal dem... but always at de back was a gnawing thought tat de fruits of my work were comin.. but i did not whether it was an adam's apple or a mango nectar... wen de day arrived it was a mixture of emotions ... i had to manage failure and success with equal measure ..... destiny had chosen my path and willed me to carry on.... de decrepit soul came out of de maelstorm but it had seen de crux tat life had in store for it in de road ahead... de journey began.. a calm after de storm...

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