Thursday, December 20, 2007


..... criscrossin arid lands,towerin buildings,a busy highway,946 acres... well all dis mite jus b a cemetery but for de 3000 and odd living souls dere..... nitt is an example onto simplicity and how life works.... de entrance with de high metal gates and de wind-driven institute sealcrest is an example of how technology and reality go hand in hand.... inside de arcane pathways and roads mite well pave ur destiny.... housin 9 engineering departments and oder dan dat architecture,management and computer applications dere is no dearth of academic diversity..... each department functions like a well oiled machine right from de root to de crest.... yes comin to de soul of de institution de students... comin from mundane and remote parts of de country nitt poses a challenge of adaption to dem... de crevice between de two cliffs looms on one side home's warmth and comfort and on de oder side a life in an alien land which promises and paints de horizon with prosperity... friends emerge as flowers on de oder side der plumes and blooms paintin de scenery with varied hues... ur compelled to cross... u take de step and u plunge into a life full of fun,frolic,relationships which u mite cherish for life.... years pass by in de college but de child in u awakens whenever festember and nittfest set in.... ur creative side roars and from every neuron stems ideas de ful for life... de competitive spirit pollutes de air around you and only dose who sift thro de troubled atmosphere with der dextrous skills and mind emerge winners... tech institutions aren complete without techfest.. nitt without pragyan is inconceivable... dis brainchild started four years ago kindles scientific temper and opens avenues for us to scourge and answer humanities questions.... its just a small insight into wat future holds for technology .... its instills in us de power to create de drivin force behind an engineer... fests apart de soul of nitt has a rendezvous with de clc daily.... its here laughter,tears,smiles,joy,sadness r held within de walls of dis imposin structure... de confluence of souls cant b more vibrant dan dis perhaps enhanced by de beauty of de sanctuary inside...
every soul feeds off... so do we... food isn de best in mess but de beloved dhabas and samfoxes rush to de rescue....hostels!! de souls sanctuary... de place where de live for four years and more... literred with happiness,painted with melancholy and powered by reality de form de heart of de institution... of course de souls need directions to find dere feet... de might not be de polaris r de guidin stars but de light of knowledge and skills permeatin from de teachers brighten de horizons for we students... maturity comes along as v pick up de scraps life has for us and try to solve de jigsaw.... de goal is achieved wen de picture is complete.. 4 years pass wen v look back at nitt v mite not hav time to cherish de brilliant times but jus one partin photo which wil always lie in r breast pockets.... nitt is unique and every soul which passed thro its hallowed portals will agree with me..

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