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.Well the name might suggest a cultural fest more than a first person take on a year that promised a lot but provided moderate satisfaction and fulfillment. Emerging at the other side of the tunnel here's a tribute to 2007.
.365 days and 1/4 days sped past with the speed of a tgv. Yes the year was a blur but laced with it's share of events. On the better side india were crowned t20 champs,arsenal's wonderful run in the premiership,pratibha patil as india's first woman president,democratic battles all around europe to name a few on the darker front benazir's bhutto assasination,scores of lives being lost to terrorism and in the fight against it,doping scandals of marion jones and floyd landis excetra .Amid all this laughs and tears i became an adult legally and can exercise my franchise. Well jus an addition to the humongous indian voter list.
.JANUARY:1/1/2007 was different from its siblings.Mumbai is a city which parties unto death and i wasn left out. Our complex threw up a lavish party(alcohol included) and i had a ball.legs tired of dancin ,throats dry of shoutin i hit the sack at 4 only to be flying 10 hours later back to college.Cold mornings in trichy and de dullest of starts to de 2nd semester.brushing and rushing to classes was de order of the day.Luckily trips to saarang and a win in an ims quiz were the highlights. January represented its weather bleak and dull with streaks of sunshine.
.FEBRUARY:St.valentine cast his attendance and the leo club of r coll put up this "INTERACTION" party dedicated to him and people who practice his religion-love. Well it had a riffraff dresscode(Yellow for homo's enjoyin de majority) and an lovey-dovey atmosphere.Well people painted the barn red and de moral police was present so tat "STUFF" doesn get out of hand.Ya i forgot one thing we wrote our 1st cycle test.
.MARCH:The sun eventually won de hide and seek battle against de clouds and vented its pent up wrath on us nittians. "Pragyan" de tech grail of nittians graced this month .Sadly i had sinned enuf in my previous janma and missed it.Well Pragyan-08 promises to be bigger,better and an ISO-9000 tag around it's neck.Trips to my native place and meetin my grandparents after long time augured well for me.Well js and i discovered r now favourite pasttime weekend visits to de ayyapan shrine in trichy cantonment and dinner at sangita's.
.APRIL:An eventful month indeed.My birthday came and i turned 18.Escaped from the wrath of customary bums,got wonderful presents and stuff which i treasured.Early april and late march saw NITTFEST set upon de 3000 strong student community.A total and allout war of talents,minds,legs,voices and what not.A hellhole were money and insanity were abundant.As usual(now its customary almost) we the ECE came out victorious and am happy for whatever tidbits i helped in.Hardly had de tired legs,scrambled brains and de strained voices struck when SECTION DHAMAKA cast its spell over first years.My section did well and finished 4th(despite de boos v got due to a couple of overambitious STUDS).D section deservingly won it.April was easily de most entertainin month of de first half.By the way,v wrote r second cycle test.
.MAY:Everythin was like a detention cell in guantanamo bay for me.The harsh weather,water problems and over all an enigma called SEMESTER EXAMS.Well i certainly wasn gonna get de mark registers ringing but i was sure it wouldn be a flopshow.So i write dem and twiddled my thumbs waitin for de results.Ya hols set up and with a 25% engineer tag all over me i trudged bak to bombay.
.JUNE:Sleep,sleep and more sleep. Yeah city centre,prithvi theatre workshops,movies with gomzy and chitchaat with my parents helped me beat an ulti-boredom month. Yeah but i did grace singapore for five days.The most memorable moments include eating sambar out of a plate at komala's on upper serangoon road, visiting genting,putrajaya,jurong,sentosa and penang.
.JULY:RESULTS!!!OMG!!!As expected it was a good score(i wont mention it).I trudged back to coll with hopes of gettin screwed up in ECE and making new friends. ECE did surprise to me an extent.There were people of my ilk u know last-bencher goofers,studyin only when needed and enjoyin life to the maximum,runnin out of classes,solvin crosswords and pokin people all in de classes. nv,swami,dib,scistu,dope,rameez were my fellow warriors for this cause.
.AUGUST:My family temporarily shifted to chennai and my sis was posted there also which meant i had got back a luxury which i had been deprived of:frequent visits to madras nalla madras. When dere joy rides on sis's scooter and endless pamperin provided a luxury i can ill-afford in coll.August was pretty quiet unlike de emporer its named after.
.SEPTEMBER:FESTEMBER de festival of th year loomed large.So de publicity team scurried to all parts of south india lik industrious ants campaigning lik anythin.As one among dem i had hell a lot of fun visiting mcc,mop,ethiraj,wcc(i din ask for dem) with two girls who r among my best friends now. De goof-ups and gaffs we did and de fun tat resulted are unparalleled till now.And yeah festember was a roarin success with neighbours SASTRA donnin de mantle once again.Yeah v wrote de first cycle test.
.OCTOBER:Wasn really interestin and i don remember anythin interestin to write home about.
.NOVEMBER:Early part of november was cold as winter settled in with frequent rains adding to de misery.But the frequent visits to dhaba and snacky for the tangri,medu vada,steamin coffee were lifesaving.i wrote de second cycle test.Then sadness cast its pall over me as i went thro one of de most emotionally troublin period in my life.It was due to four brilliant friends who cried along with me tat i got thro tat tough time.
.DECEMBER:The gloom refused to go away and de melancholy ceased to lift but de four willed me on.SEMESTERS came along and since i had performed decently in de cycles i wrote de semester with a dose of confidence but with my heart and mind somewher else.But as sunlight broke thro de rain-bearing clouds streaks of happiness returned and my mind and heart rested as de emotional turbulence was behind.An interestin entity called "in-plant training" conquered de second years and i became its victim also.Well it was an enrichin and educative experience preparin me for forthcomin on-sem projects,workshops and internships.Well a movie called EQUILIBRIUM caught my attention and ARSENAL was at its best den.

.Well its with a heavy heart tat i bid goodbye to 21st century's 7th child.Pregnant with its 8th it beckons me to a new era in my life adulthood,responsibility beckons ,maturity is a requirement,challenges become thicker and friendships thicken. I looked ahead.

PS:Things to luk forward in 2008:1)Narendra Modi becoming PM.2)Pragyan 08.3)NITTFEST(well ece s gonna have its way again)4)Arsenal winning de premiership,FA cup,Carling cup,Champions league and billions of fans5)my birthday6)friends,treats more friends and more treats 6)yes de eternal sanctum sanctorum of insanity and madness DIAMOND 8 and last but not least 7) REFLECTIONS 2008.
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