Sunday, December 23, 2007

the school-where i still live...

.one last glance,yes one last glance at dose wrought iron gates,the two columns hugging it and de plaque de support above splashed with letters saying "P.S.SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL".my sister accelerated and it disappeared.

.15 years ago as my mom often tells me i walked through de same gates holdin onto a hanky in one hand and my thumb lodged tightly in my mom's hand. i was howling tat i won't leave her side but eventually i had to and clutching de hand of my preKG teacher i stepped into an institution steeped in tradition and mom always sed tat i cried non-stop for de first week but later came to accept de situation.kindergarden passed on and i entered primary.

.dere was dis system called merit cards in r school wher u needed to maintain a particular percentage to get it.1st standard i din get it and i was de only one in my class in my class who din get it. i cried like anythin and said to my mom tat i will do my best to achieve it in de forthcomin years. ps was beginnin to change me and dat was de time i realized tat somethin called competition exists. 2nd and 3rd came and went but i found an elixir called friendship some of it's patrons will continue till my end. 4th came and with it came my first crush. i still can't explain dat silly feeling i experienced wen i looked at lasted briefly and i later will come to know tat somethin called hormones do exist. adolescence and teenage had crept in without my knowledge.

.middle school. friends grew de friendships thickened and i discovered de loves of my life. science had always intrigued me and in 7th standard i fell in love with chemistry. i loved basketball and went for coaching but returned with a bleedin lip on de first day itself courtesy sandeep. fun and frolic etched dese years which i later learnt wud b de last days of my innocence.

.secondary introduced me to de strain of studies and was an indication of de harshness de outside world held for days of goin to sleep at 10 were numbered. burnin de midnight oil concept was jus announcin itself. excursions were always borin till den but de first time v went on a long distance trip i enjoyed de freedom and was one of de best memories in my life. finally board exams loomed and i somehow coaxed thro dem but i had a bitter surprise waitin for me after tat. many of my close friends were shiftin school and little did i know tat dere vaccum will never b filled.

.X1th and X11th. dese years were crucial and were goin to decide my future. i was never outspoken in school and many of my friends would agree tat i became an introvert durin dese years even though de occasional indulgence of quizzes,debates,jamming were dere. iit classes,strenous academic hours in school were robbin me of a lot of things tho sessions of hand tennis helped a lot.r X11th classroom always resembled a club with hand tennis at de back and table tennis at de front. de seclusion of r class guaranteed us such fun. as my days in de school were numbered de feeling was heightened by de farewell. tho not melodramatic by any stretch of imagination i miss many of my classmates and de unendin hours of fun i used to hav with dem. final exams came and went.

. last day of de school. it was a tearful partin r anythin as most of us were rejoicin over completin de exams. but little did i know wen i saw de schoolgates closin after r bus had entered tat de gates of childhood had closed behind me. lay ahead a harsh world. ps had changed me and in de process of tat information it had etched itself into my heart and wil b dere till i die. last week when i went dere again all dese memories some pleasent some unpleasent came rushing back so i taught why not i tell u guys huw much my school meant to me. it's not much of a homage but with a tear in my eye and a few precious words i hav put down i leant meaning to my emotions to de institution which defined me. yes, those were de best days of my life .PS ROCKS!!!!!!


siddharth mohanty said...

Looking at it from an editor's p.o.v, in order to make your blog more readable do refrain from sms lingo.
Keep it up. Hope to read more. :)

P.S - Make sure your English teacher doesn't read the unedited version. ;)

gayu said...

nice does bring back pleasant whom all did u meet at school?

Suchithra said...

School days re awwayz so memorabl.. cal it human nature, or watever... n d most intriguin ting abt em is tat til dey end, v don even imagine v ll miss school..
Twas a nice read... Keep writin!!

Anonymous said...

gosh!i was there only for 2 years and i miss it terribly.i can understand when you've been there for 15 years!Brilliant post.thanks for reminding me of the 2 beautiful yrs of my life. :)

passionateme said...

Well a good one to take me into my own school memories..
keep writing!!!!